Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wall Street Journal.

I greatly enjoyed reading the Wall Street Journal in class instead of a text book. A text book does have important information of course but the newspaper keeps you in the loop of current things and all the many changes going on in society. I believe reading the newspaper was an effective learning method for being informed about mass communication. I really enjoy the odd ball stories in the front page because some of them were really entertaining. I also like to learn about new technology and the new innovations and changes taking place in the media. During the course of the semester I stayed on top of what was going on,every time I turned on the TV and they mentioned something I have read before it was a good feeling to know what they were talking about and learn about the new developments in the stories. I also like the Internet access option because you have the opportunity to find out more about the stories because online the content is bigger and includes more details that may not have made it to the printer. I think it was a good learning experience for the students because sometimes reading a text book can be really boring but reading the newspaper it gives you a variety of topics that you can relate to. In my case I think old habits die hard and even if we are done with the paper I still open it and look through it and read some of the stories, when it comes to renewing my subscription I think that if I have the means to it I would do it. I enjoy reading and I like the paper so yes more than likely I will try to renew.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Road, The movie or the book

I love to read, and I'm one of those people that if I enjoyed the book I will be at the movies at midnight the night before a movie based on that book comes out. I have had the opportunity to do this in various occasions. The latest opportunity I had was with The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy. The book itself can be a little tedious at times but underlies the human qualities and issues in a post-apocalyptic world where canivalism and pain are the main courses for the few survivor's left. The book for me was not a very easy read or an enjoyable one. In my opinion despite the human qualities it portrays like the survival instinct and the great love between a father and a son, it was very sad and it lack a true ending. I might be a constant optimist but I believe with all the bad things going around in the world maybe something that can bring people a little happiness and hope ought to be written instead of books that depress a person. When I went to see the movie well if the book is depressing the movie is a killer. When I read it I was sad but reading it was not as bad as seeing it. Yes I cried like a child in the company of both of my next door movie neighbors which were crying as well. It is a little different for a parent I believe to watch something like that because you put yourself in the position of the people and wonder if you would have the guts to not give up for you and for your child. In conclusion in my case I did not honestly enjoyed either the book or the movie, however I much rather read it than see it again.