Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's better to you, a magazine or a book?

I for one am not a big fan of magazines per say. The latest contact I had with magazines besides a project for school was when I bought a book at Books a Million and they offered a free 30 days subscription to People and Entertainment magazines. Of course when you put the word free in it anyone would considered it so I did and the clerk told me not to worry about it that after the 30 days I would received something in the mail asking me if I wanted to subscribe and giving me the price I had to pay. What was the catch on it, well she said none but as it turns out two days ago I found my bank account to be 60 dollar's short and when I checked well I had two 30 dollars charges for People and Entertainment magazines. Well I was mad of course so I rushed to Books a Million to be more angry when I found out they had gone out of business. Surprise surprise well now all I can do is fight my way to a cancel subscription and maybe in the future read between the free lines. On the other hand I would gladly spend 60 dollars in a good book, but unfortunately for me every time I enter a bookstore the bill is well above 60 so I tried for my financial well being to stay away. However I enjoy reading very much and I have my own collection of books that I hold dear and they have their own special place in my bookshelf. What I like to do is read the books and then watch the movies made about them. I believe that the books will always be better than the movies but I enjoy the thrill of rushing to the movies like I have done in the past even at midnight the night before because since patience is not one of my virtues when I like something I cant wait and seeing the movie brings joy to me. My latest victim is the Twilight series from which I'm expecting the next movie eagerly and also a movie said to be in production from a book I read in high school called Lovely Bones from Alice Seabold. This nice little book that I greatly enjoyed and after all this years I'm looking forward to watching the movie and remembering of a worry free time, lived to the fullest and greatly cherished.

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