Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Social Net-Working Services

In today's society the most popular net-working sites are Facebook, followed by Twitter and Myspace. From them Facebook stands out with the majority of subscribers in a fast growing community. Currently I have profiles in all three however the fastest way to reach me using the sites is the Facebook way. This is due to the fact I update my page more than 3 times a day on occasions. My second mostly used site is Twitter, in where I created an account just to try it out and where I mainly follow celebrities just for fun. I also have a Myspace account however with all the applications and features in Facebook I never use it. I bumped into it a couple of days ago after not checking it for more than 4 months. The fact is Myspace regardless of its many attempts to reinvent itself and get in the radar cannot compete with Facebook. Everyone I know has a Facebook account and you can follow your friends, upload pictures, chat, and communicate all over the world because everyone uses it. I also like Twitter however it does not offer as many things as Facebook and sometimes it gets on my nerves, and unfortunately Myspace for me is ancient history. I think that if it came to that I would probably pay a small fee for Facebook services. I think of it as if I had a home phone line, because I can reach people faster this way than on the phone most of the time. I believe if it came to paying I would probably pay no more than $10 a month for the service factoring it into my budget and also comparing it with the other services I get or want.

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